Dahej Industries Association

Two substations of 220 KV each are installed at Dahej and Vilayat. Substations of 66 KV are made active at seven places viz. Dahej, Luna, Bhensali, Vilayat, Vadadala, Galenda and Sambheti Substations of 220 KV are made active by GETCO at Dahej and Suva.
Torrent Power is going to install gas base power plant of 1600 megawatt at SEZ-1. Out of which a plant of 400 megawatts has been working. Coal base power plant of 2640 megawatts is to be installed by Adani. Work is in progress.
The work is on to construct substations one of 220 KV and seven of 66 KV each at Dahej PCPIR.