Dahej Industries Association

According to policy of PCPIR, the Central Government had to connect this are to Railway. Previously narrow gauge railway was there from Bhruch to Dahej. But as the time passed due to mismatching of time it was stopped. The Railway Minister of Central Government decision immediately to change the 63 km narrow gauge to broad gage line. To perform this, a company named, the Bharuch Dahej Railway Company Limited, was established that will work for gauge changing and monitoring it. Bharuch Dahej Railway line work was started at a rapid speed and it was made active in 2012. At present, a train runs to and from between Bharuch and Dahej once a day. The main work of transfer of coal imported by Adani is done. For this purpose, Adani Company has installed a line from Dahej Railway station to Coal Yard. Dahej will be connected to Ahmedabad- Mumbai main broad gauge line by this railway line. So that the railway has a transport facility to connect the employees and company related people from other states to Dahej. Especially the railway become a very important facility to suppliers, traders and service providers.