Dahej Industries Association

A 25 MGD pipeline has been installed in River Narmada at Angareshwar to provide water to Dahej PCPIR. Which is in working condition. 25 MGD NAND pipeline has been activated.

The work of 50 MGD water pipeline is at the last stage of finishing at Miyagam branch canal in from Narmada Canal. Which will be active shortly.

Gujarat (Gujarat) Industrial Development Corporation has set up the country’s first 100 MLD for industrial purpose at Dahej-2 industrial estate in Wagra taluka of Bharuch district. A desalination plant has been built. Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel (CM Bhupendra Patel)Of the country’s first 100 MLD desalination plant for industrial purposes(Desalination plant)Dedicated. The plant will be able to purify seawater and use it for industrial purposes. The plant will purify 30,000 TDS of sea water and make it 200 TDS drinkable.