Dahej Industries Association

DAHEJ PCPIR Introduction

The Government of Gujarat declared a policy for Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals investment region in May 2007. As per this policy, Dahej area was selected by Government of Gujarat and the area of 453 sq. km. of 44 villages of Vagra and Bharuch districts was covered under PCPIR. So that the services and facilities for infrastructure related to the production of petroleum, chemicals and petrochemicals will be developed in this 453 sq. km. area.

According to the policy of PCPIR (1)Roads (2)Railway (3)Sea- ports (4)Gas grid connectivity (5) Gas Connection (6)Availability of water (7) Disposal of solid waste (8)Telecommunication (9)Green belt (10)Air routes like infrastructures, and residential colonies in social infrastructure and educational institutes, Health Services and other services are included.